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Who are we?
HiKutaisi is a company for travelers who would like to do their most to explore more about Kutaisi and its closest city Tskaltubo. It offers the service which is no how and no other travel agency has ever offered before.

Our mission is:
Reduce pressure of finding transport to travel between main attractions of Kutaisi andTskaltubo;
Cheap and comfortable transportation equipped with air conditioners;
Buses every hour to main attractions from 08:00 to 20:25, every day from 1 th May till 31 October;
Whole one or two days unlimited ride.

Have already decided to visit Kutaisi and Tskaltubo and do not know how to manage transport in these cities? Then trust us and we will take you to the main sights.

Would you like to see the city of 3500 years of history, culture and traditions?

Would you like to visit most sights of Kutaisi quickly and comfortable than ever before?

Would you like to see one of the ancient cities of World?

Would you like to see one of the main resorts of Georgia with its oldest caves (stalactites, stalagmites, steps of Dinosaurs) which you will never forget?

Would you like to walk in one the most beautiful parks in Georgia with unforgettable nature?

Would you like to visit spa resort with medical waters?

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