Before booking, please read these rules and some suggestions:
1. You can buy a ticket electronically, from the HiKutaisi office or from the driver;
2. The ticket is valid throughout the day;
3. You can visit one of the sights, wait for any of our transport having our logo and move on to the next sightseeing by the same ticket that you have to have on your hand until the end of the working day;
4. You can start traveling from any Hikutaisi bus stop;
5. The buses will go on time from the starting point (Address: Kutaisi, N1 Railway Station, N5 Tamar Mepe Street);
6. In case of being late, you can change the ticket at the driver or the HiKutaisi office;
7. The first departure time from the first bus stop is from 08:00 (Address: Kutaisi Railway Station N1, Tamar Mepe Street N5);
8. Last departure time from the first stop at 18:00 (Address: Kutaisi Railway Station N1, Tamar Mepe Street N5);
9. The tickets are not refunded.
Category of the passengers 1 day 2 day
Adult (more than 7 years old) 30 GEL (round 10 Euro) 50 GEL (round 17 Euro)
Family pack (2 adults and 2 children ( less than 7 years)) 70 GEL (round 24 Euro) 130 GEL (round 44 Euro)
Friends pack (5 adults) 120 GEL (round 40 Euro) 220 GEL (round 74 Euro)
Group pack (10 adults) 240 GEL (round 80 Euro) 450 GEL (round 150 Euro)

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